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Staff at Molding Minds Academy: Sculpting Our Future

Helping Students Grow


Arlene Astacio

CEO of Molding Minds Academy

Motivated educator with a deep passion for helping students with special needs, extending my support to teachers, parents, and enhancing classroom environments. Ambitious student pursuing Doctorate in Special Education, Mental illness. Experienced ABA Therapist, Skilled in visual cues and active Student Responding in a home or school-based setting. #TutoringServices #ABATherapy #Ela #Math #Literacy

A woman warrior is someone who defends core feminine values. She STANDS up in defense of children's rights, lead humanitarian efforts, go on peace missions or stand as a protector of the environment. Whatever her role, she achieves greatness by standing her ground and pushing for change. ME. I AM ME. 🧡
A warrior woman wages her battle quite literally on the home front. She is the soldier designated to the keeping of the hearth and home. There are many who want to tear her down for standing for what she believes. I will always be that PROVERBS 31 WOMAN! 🙏


Sheena Turenne


Since joining Molding Minds Academy: Sculpting Our Future,Sheena Turenne has consistently brought passion and dedication to our school, every single day.


Jazmin Ramirez

Teacher's Assistant/ Paraprofessional 

Loved by students, Jazmin Ramirez brings knowledge, enthusiasm and joy to Molding Minds Academy: Sculpting Our Future. As our Teacher's Assistant, she has been an invaluable member of the team.

Team: Team
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